Created on April 23, 2019

Haivision Wins Emmy® Award for Technology and Engineering

Haivision wins Emmy® Award for Technology and Engineering for developing the SRT open source low latency video streaming protocol.



Good evening. It’s an honor to be here tonight, standing in front of this crowd. I’m humbled by the presence of a lot of industry icon. We’ve open-sourced SRT some two years ago. And the world for us has changed. And the way Haivision has been perceived within the industry has changed.

In doing that, we’ve embarked on a journey with some of our best friends around here. I would like to thank Mirko, our leader; Peter, our inspiration; Adam, our compass; Mark, our passion and energy. Definitely I would like to thank the Haivision engineers, especially Nicolai, John, and Roman.

In gifting SRT, Haivision helped a lot of manufacturers extend the reach of their product and, at the same time, introduced to the industry an interoperability framework to help all our customers. Helping a community is something we aspire to. It’s something that we want from all our engineers.

We want them to be passionate. We want them to add value. I want them to make a difference.

Thank you very much for this recognition. And stay tuned for some news. Haivision will be changing the streaming world once again very shortly. Thank you.