Tencent Video delivers the highest quality NBA viewing experience to basketball fans in China.


With a massive basketball following in China, Tencent Video wanted a more convenient and faster way to deliver NBA games to Chinese fans.

As the exclusive provider of live online NBA broadcasts in China, Tencent Video needed a robust video solution for live backhaul of video from New Jersey to Beijing, to ensure a smooth high-definition viewing experience to online fans.

Network obstacles

The physical distance between the two locations was a key challenge. Longer distance meant more latency.

Challenged by network obstacles, Tencent Video sought an end-to-end video streaming solution with high video quality, low latency, and strong error correction capabilities, all within its budget.

“The most important requirement for us is delivering the best viewing experience to online viewers and Haivision’s Makito X Series delivers the lowest latency video from encoder to decoder.”

Tracy WenSenior Engineer - Tencent Video

Long distance backhaul

Powering Tencent Video’s live backhaul video experience are 18 pairs of Makito X encoders and decoders. The video workflow starts in New Jersey, where NBA content is streamed from the Makito X encoders at the NBA Technical Operations Center to the Makito X decoders in the Tencent Video broadcast studios in Beijing.

Live online viewing

Online fans are then able to access NBA games live or on-demand exclusively through Tencent Video’s website, PC client or mobile apps.

Solution components

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Best viewing experience

Using Haivision’s end-to-end low latency video workflow, Chinese fans are now able to enjoy NBA games remotely with the highest quality viewing experience.

Overcome network obstacles

With video feeds travelling thousands of miles overseas, Haivision’s Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol, enables Tencent Video to deliver the best quality live video over any network. With SRT, Tencent Video is able to overcome video transport challenges including packet loss, jitter, latency, and fluctuating bandwidth.

Reduce operating costs

With Haivision’s solution, Tencent Video was also able to reduce its operational costs by transporting live, HD video over low-cost internet connections, while maintaining the highest quality viewing experience.

“Haivision’s SRT technology is impressive. Other vendor’s performance could not compare with this protocol’s stability and reliability.”

Tracy Wen,Senior Engineer - Tencent Video

About Tencent Video

Tencent is China’s largest and most influential Internet company. Tencent Video is China’s leading online video platform. Tencent Video provides high-definition programs to over 160 million viewers monthly in China.