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Making Headlines: Haivision in the News

Haivision’s cutting edge video solutions and thought leadership on matters relating to video streaming technology has been featured in a variety of articles online recently. In this post, we’re featuring a round up of some of the most interesting articles which made the news in the past month, calling on our industry expertise and highlighting our partner and customer successes.

Cloud-based remote production

Creating cost efficiencies, maximizing resource utilization and boosting productivity are just some of the benefits of adopting remote production for live events. Ahead of IBC in September, our CMO, Peter Maag, shares his thoughts on taking remote production to the next level – to the cloud. Peter explains how Haivision’s latest innovation, Haivision Hub, a cloud connectivity and routing platform harnesses the power of the cloud, removing the effects of distance while supporting multi-vendor production. Read more

Keeping latency as low as possible

The proliferation of mobile and streaming services, as well as demand for 4K UHD content, is driving efficient compression and content delivery for broadcasters. In this article, Haivision Director of Product Marketing, Mark Horchler, explains how Haivision video solutions are focused on both delivering broadcast quality content and keeping latency as low as possible.  And it’s not just broadcasters who benefit from this technology, but enterprises leveraging services like Microsoft Stream also. Read more

Riot Games: Consistently pushing the envelope

We’re committed to the long term sustainable success of our clients’ solutions, that’s why we’re really proud of our collaboration with our customer, Riot Games. This article from Sports Video details Riot Games’ longest ever remote production at the recent League of Legends mid season invitational in Asia. This four-week, three-venue, 1-Gbps remote production presented far more obstacles than anticipated but with some ingenuity and a solid solution in place, the event production was an impressive success. Riot Games shares details of its current at-home solution which was engineered to overcome challenges of limited bandwidth and reliability using Haivision’s Makito X video encoders and decoders  in combination with the Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocolRead more

The “magic” of SRT

Cinegy, a global leader for broadcast playout software on premise, hybrid and in the cloud shares how the Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol, originally developed by Haivision, is making system design so much easier. Describing SRT as an “extra bit of magic” and a  “massive liberator”, Cinegy Head of Product Management, Lewis Kirkaldie, explains that with SRT, “there’s no longer any reason to compromise your business goals due to connectivity or bandwidth limitations”. Read what else he has to say here.

“Extremely low latency”

Haivision’s Makito X video encoders and decoders played a crucial role in a workflow designed for the China Touring Car Championships. German systems integrator Broadcast Solutions, set up a workflow to help capture live video feeds from around the racetrack, ensuring constant connectivity, with the Makito X video encoders and decoders and SRT video streaming protocol keeping latency as low as 20ms throughout the event. Read more about this event and workflow in Mothergrid (in German.)

Want to make headlines with us?

If you’re heading to IBC this fall, schedule a meeting with our experts to see our video solutions in action and discover more about our newest developments in video streaming technology, including the Haivision Makito X4 video encoder and Haivision Hub.

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