IPTV for business helps drive employee engagement

Must-See IPTV: How You Can Use Video to Improve Company Culture and Drive Employee Engagement

Are you considering using IPTV for your business? Perhaps you have already seen one of our previous blog posts, where we explain several of the benefits of IPTV, from improved security to the ease of setup. It seems like a relatively easy tool to set up and use, but you’re now faced with another question – how can I use this?

IPTV for business can have many different aspects. You can have digital signage, internal videos, and broadcast television, streamed to screens across your different offices. And all three of these things can help to drive employee engagement, improve company culture, and craft an environment in your office.

IPTV and Digital Signage

The first, and simplest tool, is digital signage. Many companies have an intranet site in which company updates and HR notices are posted, but that requires your employees to actively seek out these stories. With digital notices playing on screens in break rooms and common areas, employees are more likely to see these updates, and engage with them. These notices can include introducing new employees, and celebrating team successes.

Digital signage isn’t just for employees. Having digital signage in a lobby can serve many purposes. For potential employees preparing for an interview, it creates an introduction to the environment in which they might be working. For clients, partners, and investors, it’s a great way to showcase your company in advance of your meeting. It has been shown that the waiting room experience matters more to individuals than their wait time – make sure you’re giving them a quality experience with digital signage.

Using Video to Bring Offices Together

We already know that quality corporate videos are great for employee engagement. So, we know that enterprises are spending time and resources to make them. And if you are going to allocate time and resources to creating high-quality video content for your employees, you should make sure they actually watch it.

Using IPTV is a great way to facilitate that. You can have training videos playing with captions, product videos featuring new releases, and corporate videos highlighting your company values. We have some tips to make sure that you’re creating, and using videos your team will actually watch.

You also want to make sure that you aren’t creating a monotonous loop that will fade into the background. One way to do this, while providing value to your company’s culture, is to include videos with a more human side. Maybe you had a company event to celebrate a new milestone and have a few clips to share, or perhaps your employees recently participated in a charity event? Using video to share these moments can help employees to feel more connected, even if they’re not all in the same location.

Broadcast Television Can Keep Your Screens Informal and Informative

One of the things that makes IPTV so great for enterprise? You don’t need to create all of your own content, but you can still make sure you’re showing relevant and timely content to your entire enterprise.

An easy way to do this is with broadcast television. You can use more generally informative content, such as a news channel, or (my personal favorite) a weather network. You can also elect for industry-specific content, like Bloomberg News. You can also use less informative content, such as streaming a major sporting event like the World Cup or Olympics to keep your employees informed of the latest developments and allow your fans to bond with each other in the thrill of competition.

Of course, in this case, what’s the difference between simply setting up a normal broadcast television and IPTV? With IPTV, you can ensure that content is always relevant, by having programmed “switches” in the content you’re displaying. That means that you can change from a relevant broadcast show, to returning to internal videos, followed by a display of the local forecast from a weather channel.

Ready for IPTV?

Are you ready to start leveraging video to improve your employee engagement and foster your team culture? Explore our enterprise IPTV and digital signage options, or, even easier, talk to one of video experts today, on how to best get your business started with IPTV.

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