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How Workplace Digital Signage and IPTV Boost Employee Engagement and Productivity

Digital signage and IPTV are being increasingly embraced across many industries as effective and high impact tools to communicate and connect with external audiences the world over. However, the focus for usage is often on customer-facing applications (think retail, restaurants and hospitality) and they are often overlooked as powerful enterprise tools for internal employee communications in the workplace.

Inspire, Connect and Engage

There’s plenty of research available to support the connection between happy, engaged employees and improved performance and productivity in the workplace. From higher sales and profitability to better employee retention rates and customer satisfaction metrics, the benefits of investing in employee engagement are clear. This is where workplace digital signage and IPTV have a critical role to play. The effective display of dynamic, media-rich content, with live video, can support a company’s internal communications strategy – helping to inspire, connect and engage employees.

Cut Through the Noise

With the average office worker receiving upwards of 100 emails daily, it’s no wonder they often miss or ignore important company communications. Relying solely on email for important announcements is no longer a surefire way of ensuring your message is effectively communicated. Workplace digital signage and IPTV are compelling tools to successfully convey key messages you want to get across.

We’ve all heard the adage “a picture paints a thousand words” and it’s been scientifically proven that vision trumps all other senses by a mile. Hear a piece of information and 3 days later you’ll remember just 10% of it. Add a picture or video and you’ll remember 65%. With such an impressive recall rate, workplace digital signage with live video is a highly effective way of disseminating bite-sized chunks of information in real-time.

Inform and Motivate

Get employees interested and curious about upcoming changes with powerful images, video clips and tickers which allow them to easily absorb and remember important information without too much effort. From employee recognition and appreciation to event announcements and real-time updates on how the company is progressing towards its goals or KPIs, digital signage can have a positive impact on employee morale and behavior.  

Reinforce Your Message

With the low cost of high resolution, large monitors, it’s easy to add displays to high traffic areas such as corporate cafeterias, corridors, meeting rooms and in major entryways. Messages are more effective when repeated, so since people will encounter these screens several times a day, digital signage and IPTV allows you to effectively reinforce your communications on a subconscious level without the need for bombarding employees with emails.

Empower Employees

Bring information sharing into the digital age with dynamic content to keep your team informed about departmental, company and industry updates. Have a new Health and Safety Policy? Show people where to find it! Completed a big customer project? Share the details! Digital signage and IPTV can help adherence to new policies increase, improve knowledge about company-wide initiatives and local departmental projects as well as keep employees abreast of important industry trends. Armed with more knowledge, employees feel empowered to make smarter decisions which contribute to company objectives.

Create a Sense of Belonging

This is particularly important for companies with remote workers around the globe. Digital signage with important company messaging allows employees to feel included in what’s happening, regardless of their location. When paired with an IPTV solution, employees can watch live all-hands and town hall meetings anywhere, on any device. Well executed all-hands meetings can energize a company, reinforce clarity and foster a sense of togetherness.

What to Look for in a Workplace Digital Signage and IPTV System

An enterprise-grade digital signage system should offer:

  • Reliability, scalability and allow for integration with live IP video content.
  • A device independent content management solution which makes planning, scheduling and distributing content across your network a simple, repeatable process.
  • The ability to customize and control your content and messages providing your audience with information that matters to them (eg local, customized content which speaks to a department on the corresponding display – IT people see IT-related news, salespeople see the sales dashboard, etc…).
  • Powerful dynamic data capabilities that can retrieve data from a variety of sources (from RSS feeds to CSV and text files) and populate content.
  • A solution that won’t put additional strain on internal networks with video content potentially taking up a lot of bandwidth.
  • End-to-end security to protect your content from unauthorized viewing, copying and redistribution.

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