Video Encoder for Microsoft Stream Live Events

Getting Started with Microsoft Stream: Choosing a Video Encoder

Microsoft Stream is changing corporate video streaming in a big way. As we discussed in our previous blog post, there are a number of reasons why Microsoft Stream live events is likely to be the biggest corporate video streaming story of 2019 and for years to come.

Organizations are interested in adopting Microsoft Stream; it is lowering the barrier of entry into corporate live event video streaming. However, for businesses new to live video streaming, there are a number of unfamiliar elements involved in setting up a Microsoft Stream live event including choosing your video encoder.

Fortunately, we at Haivision know a few things about video encoding and encoders. In this post, we will review the most important aspects to look for in a video encoder to use when planning a Microsoft Stream live event: security, ease of use, quality, and portability.

1. Security

When live streaming internal events, you must ensure that your video streams are secure. Encrypting your video streams is an important part of protecting your channels and your message. A video encoder that supports Secure RTMP will help keep your streams, and your company’s internal messaging, away from unintended audiences.

2. Ease of Use with Microsoft Stream

As we have mentioned, Microsoft Stream live events was designed to make live video streaming easier for businesses. Make sure you find a video encoder that will do the same. That includes one that is easy to set up within Microsoft Stream. 

How do you know which video encoders will be easy to set up? Microsoft has actually tested certain video encoders for use with Microsoft Stream, and even integrated a few select  encoders into Microsoft Stream. This means that should your business select an encoder like Havision’s KB video encoder, you will be able to select your video encoder from a drop-down menu, and easily configure it following the simple instructions in the Microsoft Stream UI.

3. Quality

A video encoder with security and flexibility will enable you to securely stream video from almost anywhere. But there is another important factor to ensuring your message gets across in your Microsoft Stream live event – the quality of your video stream. 

Corporate video streams are a reflection of your business. You don’t want your CEO address to the company being plagued by fuzzy quality. You want your employees to focus on the message being shared, not the missing pixels or poorly synchronized audio. Microsoft Stream live events are an opportunity for your team to bring your entire company into the same virtual room. Make sure that your video encoder can provide the high quality HD video, which is needed to create that great live events experience in Microsoft Stream.

4. Portability

Important events don’t always happen in your head office. Sometimes, your organization will want to stream a live event from an outside location, like a conference center or hotel meeting room. From a practical perspective, when organizing your Microsoft Stream live event, you will need a video encoder that you can easily carry to your remote locations. This is why your organization should choose a video encoder that is compact and portable – it is much easier to bring a small, lightweight video encoder along with the rest of your equipment.

Is that all?

There are many factors to consider when looking for a video encoder for your live streaming corporate events. Security, ease of use, quality and portability are the most important when working within Microsoft Stream live events, but as your organization starts its streaming journey, think of where you’d like it to go. Video technology is evolving at a rapid pace – businesses would be wise to invest in a professional, high-quality video encoder that can help them reach the next steps in their video streaming plans. 

Still not quite sure which video encoder will be best for your organization’s work with Microsoft Stream? Our team of video streaming experts would be happy to hear about your project, and help you find a video encoding solution tailored to your needs. Learn more

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