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Essential Factors in a Video Solution for Financial Services

Over the course of 2020, more businesses than ever have embraced video, and the financial sector has been no exception.

Enterprise video solutions bring clear benefits for financial firms; video makes it easy to connect over long distances, with key visual elements that make it impactful when sharing important news updates or market trends.

However, with an array of options available on the market, it can be hard to narrow down which video solution is the best for your firm. That is why in this post, we are going to review the three most important aspects of a video solution for financial services: security, scalability, and flexibility.

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Security is critical in any video solution, but especially so in the finance world. Not only can internal updates include sensitive information, but external content providers (from where you source your IPTV) will also want to ensure that their digital rights accesses are being appropriately managed. Any video solution used by a financial firm will need to be equipped with end-to-end security, ensuring that the only eyes viewing your video feeds are those authorized to.

End-to-end security doesn’t have to be complex though. Single sign-on solutions, LDAP, and Active Directory workflows make access easier for employees, while centralized management tools make managing and distributing content easy – so that your employees can receive important updates in a timely fashion.


Sometimes your streams need to go across the street; sometimes they need to go across the world. Having a video solution that can scale and adjust as quickly as your business is critical to financial firms.

This is especially important for traders who are watching IPTV: as traders will want multiple input sources to make sure that they are staying abreast of the latest trends and breaking news. Depending on the trader, you could require news feeds from around the world, or simply from multiple business sectors.


Flexibility is paramount to business continuity, which is why your enterprise video solution needs to adapt to quickly changing circumstances. Not only will you want an enterprise video solution with easy display options for a multitude of screens, including mobile devices, set-top-boxes, and desktop monitors, a truly flexible option will also include the ability for your employees to have behind-the-firewall access without overwhelming your corporate network.

But flexibility shouldn’t be limited to how your employees are watching your content. The right video solution for a financial firm can offer options on what your employees are watching – allowing your team to make on-demand training videos accessible, live IPTV channels for market updates, and even the possibility of your executive delivering all-hands updates on live video, for important company updates.

Is your financial firm ready to utilize modern video streaming tools to keep your workforce both better informed and better connected? Learn more about our video streaming solutions for enterprise, or reach out to us directly to speak with one of our video streaming experts!

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