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Enterprise Video: Why do it live?

Enterprise video live events can be difficult to pull off.

They require perfect execution and a great presenter, along with IT infrastructure that can simultaneously and securely deliver your feed. It’s like trying to hit the perfect golf swing in a thunderstorm. When too many people tune in to your video, it floods the network, potentially taking it down. You might think it would just be simpler to record the video, edit it, and push it out to your employees or customers as a piece of VOD content.

So why should you go through the trouble of broadcasting an event live?

It brings your company together

When your CEO speaks, or the message is urgent, you need it to be live. No one watches the Superbowl the following day. Your teams want to share the moment, as if they’re in the same auditorium as your CEO. You want your people, no matter where they’re located, to be apart of something bigger than themselves, to feel connected to your company and its mission.

Employees want answers

Aside from sharing in the moment, live video events are a great opportunity for employees participate. Take for example Google’s All Hands TGIF. Every Friday, Google invites employees to participate in an all hands meeting where they discuss the latest trends in the company, the industry, and they answer employee questions. Yes, you read that right, employee questions. Their chatroll has a Q&A system where employees can ask anything, and up-vote others’ questions. They choose the top 5 questions and answer them live. It helps Google achieve its goal of openness and transparency and allows one of the world’s largest companies to feel more agile and more like a start-up.

Live gets attention

Finally, companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars to craft, perfect and deliver the perfect communications to their potential customers. Yet, when it comes to choosing a medium for internal communication, we often settle for email communications, which are dry, and often go unread. Live video is exciting to watch and packs a powerful message. Who doesn’t like to turn into breaking news on TV?

For your next company event, go live and encourage employees to listen and participate. Just make sure you can deliver a high quality stream outside of the head-office, to everyone, wherever they are.

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