Breathe new life into VOD content

Breathing Life into Enterprise VOD Content

Live streaming has gone mainstream. With the debut of Meerkat, Twitter’s launch of Periscope and Facebook’s adoption of live video as a core part of its platform, everyone is streaming live from mobile devices and desktops. In fact, a year after launching, Twitter reported that Periscope broadcasted more that 200 million streams.

But it’s not just the consumer world that’s been captivated by live streaming. The corporate world and faith-based organizations have been huge adopters of live streaming to connect, inform and market to their respective audiences. In fact, our online video platform – the Haivision Video Cloud – has helped thousands of organizations with their online video management and publishing, and has seen rapid growth since we launched it in 2013.

All of this excitement about live video content got us thinking. What about old reliable VOD?

VOD vs live streaming video content

Sure, live video brings excitement. It’s driven by the fear of missing out and our insatiable appetite for breaking news and events. But what about the video content that isn’t live? Can you create excitement around VOD content?

VOD deserves its place in the sun, and that’s why we launched a new feature in the Haivision Video Cloud – called Scheduler. This new tool allows you to create simulated-live online broadcast experiences by pulling together either live streams or VOD content from the Haivision Video Cloud and easily scheduling the videos to play online at specific times throughout the day, or continuously 24/7.

By presenting VOD content as a simulated-live experience you can drive viewers to share in a live experience at the same time and create an energy around that content. With proper planning and scheduling, simulated-live broadcasts can help bring your viewers together to experience an engaging event at the same time, enhanced with administered live chat rolls and other social media interactions alongside the video player.

VOD can be easy!

We introduced the Scheduler to help our customers create engaging interactions online without the stress, pressure, and risk associated with a live production. It also gives organizations the ability to target, market to and connect with their international audiences at the right time, creating simulated-live experiences for specific times zones.

To learn more about how the Scheduler brings life into VOD content, contact the Haivision team for more details.

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