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8 Reasons Why Haivision Media Platform is the Most Complete Enterprise Video Solution

In today’s blog post we’re shining a spotlight on our enterprise video solution, Haivision Media Platform, and taking a deep dive into some of the features that make it the most complete end-to-end solution that addresses all your enterprise video needs. Whether you need to live stream all hands events, deliver IPTV across your organization, or expand on your Office 365 video ecosystem with Microsoft Stream and Teams, Haivision Media Platform helps you to securely organize, manage, and share high quality live and on-demand video to all your employees, on any device, in any location.

Here are just a few of the features that set Haivision Media Platform apart from the competition:


With a modern, HTML5 browser-based intuitive interface, getting access to content has never been easier for your employees. Haivision Media Platform is also IT friendly as it’s simple to configure and manage from anywhere with an active connection to the enterprise network. Web-based management of set-top boxes also allows you to change channels, set volume, reboot, troubleshoot, and display emergency messaging on some, any or all of your set-top boxes, enterprise-wide.


Haivision Media Platform provides a single platform to manage content globally. Thanks to multisite awareness, access to content can be granted based not only on a user’s permissions but also on their geographical location. Haivision’s multisite Enterprise Content Delivery Network (eCDN) allows you to distribute content over the most efficient route possible. Whether via LAN, WAN, public internet, or private CDN, Haivision Media Platform delivers unprecedented scale and lets you stream live content to tens of thousands of users. And it’s not just for live video delivery. The system can automatically manage the delivery of video-on-demand (VOD) content throughout the global enterprise without negatively impacting enterprise network bandwidth or services.


Haivision Media Platform includes powerful file-based and real-time tools including HotMarks and user-defined metadata which make VOD content easy to find and manage. Users are able to tag or “HotMark” key moments of interest in a recording, making content easily searchable for reference or immediate playback.


Haivision Media Platform is highly configurable, scalable, and available as either a high-performance turnkey system or virtual machine. Our intelligent eCDN can be used to expand your video footprint globally, allow secure sharing of content with external partners and CDNs, or to tie together multiple Haivision Media Platform systems to create regionally-controlled systems with global messaging reach.


Haivision Media Platform offers a seamless end-user experience thanks to integration with cloud CDNs such as Microsoft Stream and Kaltura. No need to share different links to access your all-hands video streams in order to accommodate multiple user devices. One single link delivers to mobile and desktop, local and remote, over your Haivision eCDN or your external streaming CDN. All while being completely transparent to the end-user. We are also committed to open standards, allowing you to receive streams from popular third-party sources such as Cisco’s CMS, Wowza Streaming Engine, OBS, and more, for distribution and delivery via Haivision Media Platform.


You can rely on Haivision Media Platform to deliver the highest quality all hands presentations, CEO addresses, and live or VOD content to all your employees, in offices worldwide, remote workers, and even employees on the road, without choking your network. From anywhere to everywhere. In addition, we have robust compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, section 508 requirement that federal agencies’ electronic and information technology is accessible to people with disabilities, including employees and members of the public. Haivision Media Platform supports closed captions on all players and platforms (browsers, set-top boxes, and mobile devices), secondary audio programs (such as descriptive audio for the visually impaired) in live and VOD streams as well as user-controlled UI settings (eg brightness and contrast settings, font and UI scaling, and more). We are committed to helping make your message accessible to all.


Haivision Media Platform is our most reliable and secure platform ever. With just a click of two buttons, it’s easy to lock down the system entirely to federal security standards. Haivision Media Platform includes carrier-grade AES 256 encryption of all streams whether they’re on-demand, live, unicast, or multicast. It integrates with enterprise directory services (such as Microsoft Active Directory) for user authentication with single sign-on, including token support and complies with your enterprise security guidelines ensuring a more secure experience for administrators and a smoother experience for users. Haivision also supports unparalleled service reliability for customers deploying at the network edge or in critical production environments with our high availability mode, allowing Haivision Media Platform to be deployed as a cluster of three servers with automatic hot failover.


In the 3.1 release of the Haivision Media Platform, you can now preview the future of integrated enterprise video messaging thanks to the introduction of Layouts. Layouts bring digital signage for corporate messaging directly into Haivision Media Platform for use with the Haivision Play 2000/4000 Set-Top Boxes. Layouts provide authorized content creators access to a browser-based WYSIWYG editor in which they can easily integrate graphic messaging with live or on-demand video to turn all displays in the enterprise into avenues for the delivery of corporate messaging and branding.

Interested in learning more?  Download the Haivision Media Platform datasheet for more details.

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