Comcast & Eurovision Services SRT Webinar

SRT Trailblazers: Why Industry Big Hitters Comcast and Eurovision Services Depend On SRT

Have you been tuning into our SRT Tuesday webinar series? Since May, Haivision, along with Microsoft and the SRT Alliance, has been hosting a series of webinars highlighting how the Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol is being leveraged by organizations around the globe for a variety of use cases from remote production, monitoring, and contribution to distribution. If you haven’t watched them – you can check out the on-demand recordings here.

SRT Trailblazers: Comcast and Eurovision Services

In our latest webinar, scheduled for Tuesday, July 14, 11 am ET, we’ll be speaking directly to two of the broadcast industry’s biggest hitters and SRT trailblazers, Comcast Technology Solutions and Eurovision Services to get a unique insight into their SRT implementations. They will share the business and technology considerations that led them to select the SRT open source protocol and move towards more agile, IP-based contribution and distribution workflows.


SRT Trailblazers: How Comcast & Eurovision Services Rely on SRT for Contribution & Distribution

SRT for Live Broadcast Contribution and Distribution

Leveraging SRT enables large scale live broadcast contribution and distribution workflows over IP networks, including the public internet, providing a secure, reliable, and flexible alternative to satellite. Attend the webinar and you’ll learn how Comcast Technology Solutions relies on SRT and Haivision to distribute hundreds of channels of live content to its MVPD, virtual MVPD, and OTT partners and why Eurovision Services chose SRT to simplify its workflows and underpin its worldwide contribution and distribution network.

SRT: What You Need to Know

If you’re unfamiliar with SRT, here’s a quick primer. Born from the need to reduce the high cost of contribution by satellite and private networks, SRT was developed and pioneered by Haivision. It was publicly demonstrated for the first time at IBC 2013, and, as the technology progressed, Haivision released SRT as part of its product family and customers started to enjoy the benefits of high-quality, low latency secure video over unreliable public networks. To encourage widespread adoption so that more companies and customers could benefit from this exciting technology, Haivision released SRT on GitHub in 2017 as an open source technology stack and protocol.

Designed to connect two endpoints for the purposes of delivering low latency video and other media streams across lossy networks such as the public internet, SRT brings the best quality live video over the worst networks. It accounts for packet loss, jitter, and fluctuating bandwidth, maintaining the integrity and quality of your video. With SRT, you can keep your streams secure and easily traverse firewalls.

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