IBC2019 Hai-lights

IBC2019 Hai-lights: Our Top Takeaways From This Year’s Show

IBC2019 ended just a week ago and this year, over the course of five days, the Haivision team had the chance to connect with record numbers of attendees! Thank you to all of those who took the time to come and see us. We delivered hundreds of technology demonstrations, answered thousands of questions and led several popular panel discussions. Since our return, we’ve had time to absorb what we learned about emerging trends in the broadcast industry and reflect on some of the highlights. Here are our top takeaways from this year’s event. 

SRT Takes Center Stage

Since we open sourced SRT back in 2017, the Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol has gained widespread popularity and support by broadcasters around the world. This year’s show saw record numbers of vendors demonstrating how they’re successfully leveraging SRT in their broadcast solutions to solve some of their most difficult challenges. Attendees were able to see SRT in action on over 70 booths on the show floor, in 3 major panel discussions, as well as at the SRT Showcase on the aptly named, SRT Sunday. If you didn’t make it to the panel events but are interested in watching, register here and we’ll email you with a link to the recordings as soon as they’re available.

Media Routing in the Cloud is Challenging 

Cloud-based workflows continue to be an industry hot topic and while broadcasters are increasingly looking to the cloud to help accelerate production and create greater efficiencies, it’s not without its challenges. That’s why Haivision launched SRT Hub, an intelligent cloud-based media routing platform designed to streamline workflows and overcome the challenges and complexities faced by broadcasters when dealing with different cloud resources. Our CMO, Peter Maag, explains the benefits of SRT Hub in this interview with Avid’s Director of Broadcast and Media Solutions Marketing, Ray Thompson.

SRT Hub was also recognized with a Best of Show award for innovation and outstanding product development by TVB Europe.  

Remote Production Remains a Hot Topic

Almost everyone who walked into the Haivision booth was interested in remote production. Often referred to as “at-home” production or REMI (remote integration), remote production allows broadcasters to dramatically reduce on-site event production costs while ensuring optimal use of their resources to produce more content and improve efficiencies.  

Haivision actually quarterbacks the world’s largest repetitive remote production effort with customer, Riot Games (see below). Riot produces all their League of Legends Championship events which fill stadiums around the world all year long, from their studios in Los Angeles. 

The Power of Partnerships

When it comes to delivering the best possible solutions to our customers, we firmly believe in the power of collaboration and partnership. This was evident at IBC2019 through our work with the SRT Alliance, our SRT Hub ecosystem partners: including Avid, Cinegy, Microsoft, Telestream, and Wowza, as well as with recently announced technology partnerships with LightFlow and Anevia.  Whether it’s enabling multi-vendor cloud workflows, leveraging artificial intelligence or delivering broadcast television channels to desktops and set-top boxes, our partnerships ultimately extend the breadth and depth of capabilities that we can offer our customers.  

It’s All About Customer Success

While we continue to innovate with new products and solutions, we’re laser-focused on ensuring the success of our customers’ projects. Which is why we were thrilled to be a finalist at this year’s very exclusive IBC Innovation Awards with our customer, Riot Games. Nominated in the category of excellence in content creation, Riot Games was recognized for its remote production in Los Angeles of the 2018 League of Legends World Championships in Seoul, which included strategic support from Haivision. While we didn’t take home the prize, we are immensely proud of what we achieved by working together to engineer an at-home solution to overcome the challenges of latency and bandwidth. Watch the video to find out more.

See you in 2020, Amsterdam! 

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