SRT Tuesday - Low Latency 4K over IP

Decoding the Secrets of Low Latency 4K Workflows with SRT and Haivision

In recent years, the rise in popularity of 4K has been undeniable – consumers have been adopting 4K televisions at an increasing rate, leading to a high demand for 4K content. Broadcasters are working to bring fresh 4K content to viewers while contending with other changes in the industry, notably, the shift to IP and an increasing use of remote production.

With these changes in mind, Haivision is excited to bring you its latest webinar in the SRT Tuesday series – Low Latency 4K over IP: Live Demos featuring SRT and Makito X4. Join this webinar to learn all about using SRT and video streaming for low latency 4K contribution feeds.

Low Latency 4K over IP: Live Demos feat SRT and Makito X4

Exploring 4K Workflows

In this webinar, our video experts will break down 4K contribution workflows, examining their critical components and explaining how to avoid common issues. Learn about the tools that you can use to set up your own 4K workflows and how to utilize them for popular use cases including remote production, contribution, and monitoring.

This webinar will also look at how the open source SRT protocol allows you to maintain impeccable quality in your streams while keeping your latency low, even over unpredictable or unreliable networks.

A New Product Debut

This webinar will also mark the debut of Haivision’s latest video streaming tool – the Makito X4 video decoder.

Together with the popular Makito X4 video encoder, the Makito X4 video decoder offers a complete 4K solution which  allows you to easily stream in low latency 4K, ideal for live video. Tune in to the webinar to be among the first to learn more about Haivision’s latest product, and to see it in action for the first time.

A Live Demonstration

Attend the webinar for the opportunity to learn firsthand from our video experts as they walk participants through a live demonstration of 4K contribution workflow, using Haivision solutions including the Makito X4 video encoder, Haivision SRT Gateway, Havision EMS, Haivision Play Pro, and, of course, Haivision’s newest addition to its family of low latency video streaming products, the Makito X4 video decoder.

If you would like to learn more about Haivision’s new Makito X4 video decoder or to explore how to create low latency 4K contribution workflows over IP, please register for our webinar – even if you cannot attend live, you will be among the first to receive the recording by email, to watch at your convenience.

Low Latency 4K over IP: Live Demos featuring SRT and Makito X4

Watch as our video experts delve into the critical components of low latency 4K workflows and explain how SRT can help you to overcome challenges, and enjoy a live demonstration with the new Makito X4 video decoder!

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