Virtual Masterclass

A Virtual Haivision and SRT Masterclass with DigiNet

Haivision recently teamed up with DigiNet, a strategic partner in the broadcast and pro AV industry based in Europe, to host a live webinar, the Haivision and SRT Virtual Masterclass, illustrating how the Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol is proving to be instrumental during the pandemic for many broadcasters dealing with new ways of working. The webinar highlights why the powerful combination of SRT and Haivision video solutions is so widely adopted by broadcasters with a deep dive into the workflows of the most recent customer use cases.

Powering Remote Workflows

Haivision’s very own Selwyn Jans kicks off with an overview of the different use cases where SRT, along with tried and tested Haivision technology, such as a Makito X4 video encoder and decoder paired with an SRT Gateway is becoming the defacto standard for remote workflows in the broadcast industry. Whether it’s for breaking news, live sports coverage, or at-home, on-air talent, together, SRT and Haivision technology enable a wide variety of remote workflows including:

  • IP contribution from anywhere to anywhere
  • Return feeds for remote collaboration (including teleprompter, multiviewer, and program feeds)
  • Monitoring feeds from remote and at-home locations (for remote operators, reviewers, producers, and directors for example)

Haivision Hub Saves the Day for NOMOBO

A very special guest during the webinar was Robert Buisman, the CEO and founder of global video content agency NOMOBO, which specializes in creating, capturing, and distributing live event broadcasts. Robert explained how the pandemic has impacted business and how the company’s corporate clients still looked to NOMOBO to help with communications via virtual events.

Faced with the challenge of bringing content together from around the world in a highly secure way sometimes without a predictable internet connection, NOMOBO turned to Haivision Hub, a cloud-based service for live, low-latency media routing across the Microsoft Azure network, to enable its digital events. Using a combination of Haivision Hub, SRT, and Makito X4 encoders and decoders, NOMOBO is able to bring content from around the world via Haivison Hub and the Azure network to its Master Control Room in Amsterdam with minimal latency.

“All-in-all, we are extremely satisfied with the technology, and Haivision Hub is a centralized production platform on which we’ll start building more workflows going forward.”
Robert Buisman, CEO and Founder, NOMOBO

Field Contribution, Field Return Feeds, and At-Home Monitoring

RTBF, Belgium’s public service broadcaster, is currently working with DigiNet to test and deploy a range of Haivision technology including Makito X4 encoders and decoders, Haivision Media Platform, along with Play 2000 Set Top Boxes and the Play Pro app for live field contribution, field return feeds, and at-home monitoring, all of which are powered by SRT. DigiNet Product Manager, Rob Vermeiren takes viewers step by step through the workflows and highlights the advantages of each Haivision solution.

Discover why Haivision solutions’ rock-solid reliability, ultra-low latency, and pristine quality combined with SRT are trusted by broadcasters around the world.

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